About us

🌀 Be A Punisher or get stroked by Thunder 🌀 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Leader: LℯgεndØfDårkneśś
Second in Command: Carter

Troll Punisher Ninja Gear is a G+ anti-troll and anti-bully doxxing/raiding group. We are currently the best anti-trolls on G+, with all our enemies defeated or with ruined reputations for all of eternity. We only raid for a good cause, with all our real plans going in our private community and/or Discord chat. Don't bother trying to infiltrate us, because even then you won't have our juiciest plans! Traitors are to be targetted immediately after their betrayal because we cannot stand backstabbers. Created October 4th, 2014, we've never lost a war and never will. Our biggest raid was Anti-FNAF Super, formally at over 1,000 members, and the ruins of which can be found here: tinyurl.com/tpngbiggestraid . Our greatest individual victory and longest war was against the UTTP under Stephen Larson, lasting from the day we were created to February 7th of 2016. We take pride in what we do and always will no matter how much things change.

Allies and enemies: